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GlobeCharge is a service that provides us with a secure (https) page for processing online order details. It takes the info from the shopping cart, adds your shipping information and automatically forwards an email confirmation of the order to you and to our offices.

 When you click the PayPal option you will be re-directed to their site for your payment.

Please be aware that you will receive TWO confirmations for this order.  
The first will be an order confirmation generated by 3k Productions School Uniforms.
The second will be a payment confirmation generated by PayPal when you have paid for the order.

Until you receive an email confirmation from PayPal, your order is not ready for processing.


Shipping charges are automatically added to all orders. 
If you choose to pick your order up on campus during a scheduled sale, shipping charges will be refunded to your PayPal account when you pick up the order. 

Orders not picked up duing the specified sale date will be shipped out the next business day and shipping charges will not be reversed. 


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  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 379.00 [LD.LD_DELETE]
  Omnia Erimus LD.LD_FREE  1   
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 389.95 [LD.LD_DELETE]
  Omnia Erimus LD.LD_FREE 1  
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
LD.LD_PRODUCTS: $ 768.95